Happy New Year…

1 Jan

Well 2011, here you are.   Welcome.  Thanks to 2010 for giving me an amazingly entertaining night at work!  Ha ha.  So now 2011, I have some amazing expectations for you…

  • House – Yup. This year’s goal is to buy one.  The start of our own little beginning.  Well, we’ve already started it, the beginning, but a house. That’s huge.  Let’s hope we can save up to buy it and actually afford a tiny bit of furniture.  Hello, Adulthood, let’s see how this step takes us.
  • Friends – I have some amazing friends and expect to have even more amazing adventures on 2011!  From trips to beaches to just fun, I can’t wait to see what it brings! And what visitors we get in Florida!
  • Trips Home – This year is our trip to Missouri.  Now that we decided to alternate going home, it will be my first year not returning to Wisconsin.  I will have been back every year since that.   That makes me sad even though I hate to admit it.  I will miss my Wisconsin this year.  However, we are going to visit Missouri.  My husband hasn’t been home in over a year so it’s his turn.  It’s our home since we are a group.  I will miss our kittens though, but I think he will be happy to visit!
  • Half Marathons – My bucket list has to run a Marathon on it.  Well, this year I am doing two halves! Haha. Not exactly a marathon, but it is in so many ways. The Walt Disney World Half and Disneyland Half are calling my name and I can’t wait to experience it! Hopefully I won’t get picked up by the sag wagon, and I can really enjoy myself and be proud of my accomplishments!!!
  • California/Hawaiian Vacation – Yup, this is the year. I can actually say I’m going to Hawaii this year. Amazing! I can’t believe it!!!!  Now we just have to finish saving up for it.  However, the year is off to a great start for it.  I can’t believe how much we are going to see, experience, and do.  I’m so excited about it!!  By not going to my home state, we will be able to experience this, and life is about experiences.  Adventures.  I can’t wait. I really can’t.
  • Personal Growth – Can’t wait to see how I develop this year.  I  need to become more sure of myself again.  Somehow I lost myself a bit, lost a bit of faith, but it’s slowly starting to come back and I’m starting to rediscover myself.  I no longer have anyone to behave a certain way.  For so many years, I felt like I had to act a certain way, that certain things were expected of me, and I had no choice but to ask that way.  However, I have come to realize the people that really matter, will love me no matter what I do.  So let’s kick some ass and get me back to where I was self-esteem wise. It’s been way too long with me having little to no self-esteem.  I’ve been making a tiny bit of progress lately.  I like it.  Hopefully, this is the start of a beautiful beginning…

So 2011, Here is to you.  Here is to everything I want you to be and more!

One Response to “Happy New Year…”

  1. Princess Christy January 1, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    Good luck on everything! You have quite a list, but I have no doubt you will accomplish it all 🙂

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