surviving the holidays…

22 Dec

Well, is it bad that as of yesterday I was over the Holidays? And it hasn’t even really started yet.  Well it has, but we haven’t reached the first day yet!

I am just looking forward to getting two days off a week.  Hopefully in January I will get more time with the husband.  However, that does mean less money as less overtime.  We will make it work though. Hopefully sometime in the new year we will see a slight raise that will help and we will keep saving for our vacations next year and our dreams of buying a house!

So far our goals seem to be going okay.  We’ve hit bumps in the road along the way, but we’ve figured it out and navigated our way through.  The amazing little family we are helps us survive.

I’m going into some long work days the next couple weeks.  I have a 14 hour days coming up but most of them are just 8 hours.  That will be helpful.  Help me survive until we get to all of our great events  next year.

And the year will be starting out great with our half marathon the first full weekend in January.  The 8th we will be doing our half marathon! Let’s hope we can make it.  I know we will, but just the accomplishment will be amazing.  Then we can register for the Disneyland HALF in January.  SUPER excited to register for that.

So we just have to keep attempting to save, save, save, as our house plans and vacation plans next year call for a lot of money.  We will figure out how we survive!   We will do it though.  I have faith.

Just incase I don’t blog again to anyone who reads this,


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


And, may you have a joyous new year!


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