Sexiest Man Alive… Ryan…

17 Nov

That’s my random title as it was what I heard on the tv as I started to type this.  This really has nothing to do about that at all, except that my husband IS the sexiest man alive.  Although that wasn’t the purpose of this blog.

So many things irritate me in this life, and it’s very hard not to let some things annoy you.  However, I try. I try to be easy going, although I often fail, I try.  Lately at work something was said about a situation I experienced, and basically it ended up with a big finger in my face even though I am sure it wasn’t meant like that.  Or maybe that’s just me being too naive or nice.  However, it happened and it suddenly made me care a lot less.  And I have to say so far, I kinda like it.  Maybe that’s my anger talking, but I’m enjoying the freedom of not worrying and just accepting that whatever they think will happen. I honestly can’t change that.  I’m not that amazing. I’m not that average. I’m somewhere in between!

I’m glad this happened as it opened my eyes.  We will find out of it is a good thing.  I still want my career, but now I’m looking at other options, and only time will tell where I end up!

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