hawaiian dreams… and other things…

13 Nov

Well, I have had plenty of hours alone tonight and what to do I do?

Randomly heard that song while riding with my husband off of his Siruis radio, and I finally downloaded it and watched the youtube video over and over again.  And it made me want to find random Elvis Hawaiian spots like Uncle Jesse in Full House!

So now I have decided to find random Elvis spots on our island!  Yup, I definitely have Hawaii planning fever!  Hopefully, I won’t plan all of our days crazy as we will have a few for exploring!

Take off your shoes, put down your hair
Turn on the music and we’ll get somewhere
Dance, dance, dance, til you toes get tan
We’re gonna have us a ball on the beach
a-slicin’ sand

I also want to go into the rain forest in Hawaii.  Not sure how I am going to accomplish this, but I will! I really should just buy a travel book sometime. haha.  Maybe I can ask for one for Christmas!  I’m sure my in-laws will buy it for me! Or my parents. It must go on a list now!

In other news, I sold my soul to the money Gods for the rest of 2011.  OT here I come.  However, next year on vacation, I will appreciate all the hard work I put in!

The way she moves her hips to her fingertips
I feel I’m heaven bound
And when she starts to sway, I’ve gotta say
She really move the grass around

Rock-a-hula baby
Rock-a-hula baby
Got a hula lulu from Honolulu
That rock-a-hula baby of mine

So yes, I am definitely dreaming of Hawaii! Not a bad thing to do with my free time.  However, I did use up most of the rest of my i-tunes money tonight on Elvis Hawaiian songs.

Anyone have any good Hawaiian suggestions for our vacation?



In other news, some people need to curl up and die.  Just a general public service announcement.  And just so they know, I’m praying for them!


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  1. double digit countdown… « Faith Trust and Pixie Dust - August 11, 2011

    […] I can’t believe in less than a month we will be on our Hawaiian Holiday!  It’s crazy that that is our plan!  We don’t have as much “fun” money to spend. Our plans once included a massage and the Polynesian culture museum.  However, we scrapped both of those. We also don’t have any plans for a luau at this time.  We will see if we can find any deals when we are there, but if not, we will definitely enjoy our time as we still have some pretty amazing things planned!   We can definitely still go Elvis-spot hunting like I mentioned in a previous post! […]

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