sour puss… table for one please…

9 Nov

We started looking at house prices again last night.  Ugh!  Nothing like that to completely put me in a sour mood.  We have a name and number of a guy that will tell us how much we will/can be approved for.  I just feel like he will laugh and go “Get a new job” and that’s the end of it.  However, I really think we should just call him and see how much we get approved for.  This way it’s said and done with and then we can have a plan.

However, I am in a sour mood because of it.  I know I am, and I know I’m being awful to my amazing husband, but I can’t stop!  I’m aware of it though, and since then I’ve just kept the awful mood inside, and poor hubby of mine is trying everything to make me smile again.

To top it off, I have a trip with the family to St. Augustine today.  I have loved my parents visiting, but with my mood, I really hope I don’t go crazy being in the car for that long!  We will be stopping at Pusser’s for lunch and then possibly onto the Fort?  Sounds good.

In other news, we’ve been running farther on our 30 minute runs, so that’s good news. I guess. I felt like dying on the one this morning, but I didn’t.  So that’s a win? Right?   Sure….

I shouldn’t blog when I am in a sour mood. I make no sense.

Yup, that's how I feel! Like a Lemon!

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