week four completed + randomness…

7 Nov

Well, we successfully finished week 4 of C25K!!!  Super excited for us! It was a bit tough though, so we will be repeating.  As I am STILL getting over my cold.  Ugh.  However, I am proud, as even running for five minutes straight scares me, but now that we have done it, I know I can.

We’ve reached the turning point in our work-outs that some of them just feel absolutely amazing! However, a few work-outs are also still tough.  It’s a good mix.  Hopefully we have more of the better days than the bad days.

In other news my parents have been visiting for about a week now and it is amazing! It has been great to see them and let them know what has been going on in our lives.  There is only so much you can share over the phone.  We got to take them to a neighborhood that we have been looking for houses in and they approve (which it is always good to have your parents blessing!).   We have a lot of goals for next year:  a house and a trip to hawaii!!!!  However, between my amazing husband and I, I believe we can make anything happen.  Together we are an unstoppable team because we complete each other so perfectly.

Over the next few days we have fun plans with my parents. We are going on Disney’s Magic Behind the Steam Trains tour, so expect a blog on that possibly.  We shall see.

Has anyone seen previews for Love & Other Drugs?  Why do I love the previw so much?  Luckily we have some free movie tickets, so seeing this may DEFINITELY be in our future as we are still money savings machine!


Happiness and sunshine indeed to my life!


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