29 Oct

Today was just one of those days that was mentally draining.  So many people emotionally abuse each other and don’t realize it, and I hate being around people who use emotional abuse as a weapon.  As a person who used to be emotionally abused, I’m trying to get over it. I’m trying to grow and develop from it, and I’m not saying I am perfect, but I am trying to get better.
What is emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse is like brain washing in that it systematically wears away at the victim’s self-confidence, sense of self-worth, trust in their own perceptions, and self-concept. Whether it is done by constant berating and belittling, by intimidation, or under the guise of “guidance,” “teaching”, or “advice,” the results are similar. Eventually, the recipient of the abuse loses all sense of self and remnants of personal value. Emotional abuse cuts to the very core of a person, creating scars that may be far deeper and more lasting that physical ones. In fact there is research to this effect. With emotional abuse, the insults, insinuations, criticism and accusations slowly eat away at the victim’s self-esteem until she is incapable of judging the situation realistically. She has become so beaten down emotionally that she blames herself for the abuse. Her self-esteem is so low that she clings to the abuser.

Well, it was just a draining day and I was over it.  So there is my little public service announcement, and now I think I am done.

How does one recover from a draining day?

A kitten on my lap cuddling away just wanting to be loved and knowing that tomorrow is great big and beautiful, and just a day away.

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