cleaning adventures…

18 Oct

My parents brought me a bunch of boxes from my room in Wisconsin.  They have been sitting here in our dining room since July.  As, well, ya know, life is pretty busy, and there are a lot of things MUCH more exciting than looking through boxes with random stuff.

However, today, I made it through two of the boxes.  A lot of random clothes random jewelry, and just random… stuff.

I didn’t throw anything out yet, as there was nothing that I really just didn’t want.  Besides a bracelet an ex gave me years ago.   That was a smile and a nice feeling as I tossed it in the trash.  Maybe it was a cleansing of some sort? But, I had no attachment to it, as I just threw it in the trash.

The merging of stuff from your past and present life is always interesting, as you always take a bit of your baggage with you everywhere.  However, it’s amazing to finally get it cleaned!

I also cleaned bathrooms and disinfected the entire downstairs!  Hopefully this will help me get over my sick phases!  Hopefully, it will help me get healthy.

We then had an amazing dinner of crab cake, perogies, and chopped salad!  It was light and delicious, and nice to look at too!

So far, a pretty amazing day!  Now we are getting ready for our weekly movie night! Life is good!


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