week one: accomplished!

9 Oct

Well, I have some bragging to do.  As my husband and I are proud of our accomplishment!  We both successfully completed week one of couch to 5k!  Super exciting for us!

Yes, it’s just week one, and it seems like such a small step, but we made it!  And that is a good goal for us, as we only have eight weeks left! Hopefully, I will be doing many more blog posts about us accomplishing week after week.  We are trying to get a schedule set together for week two.  We plan to try and do all of our work-outs together after this first week, as we encourage each other as we run.  As my husband downloaded the podcast and started running without me, I had to play catch-up, but I finished today!  An afternoon run at that in the sun and heat, but I made it!

Our new pattern will hopefully be Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but it also may end up being Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We will just have to see how our work schedules work out.  We will be scheduling our runs around them, and just trying to fit all of them in! You are supposed to have rest day in between, but we will try our best, but know that it might not always happen!

So yes, I am doing a happy dance, that we made it from week one!


One Response to “week one: accomplished!”

  1. Princess Christy October 10, 2010 at 9:28 am #

    Congrats! Keep at it 🙂

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