start of something…

6 Oct

Today, I woke up with an awfully bad sore throat. It hurts. It still hurts. Hot foods & liquids make it better.  However, today I also started something.

Couch to 5k! or C25K!

I’ve been telling my husband about it for weeks and months about how I’d like to try it.  He got curious yesterday, I guess with the approach of the 1/2 marathon in January, and he downloaded a free podcast for the Ipod that tells us what to run!  Super excited! I did the first workout today, and even though it’s the first, we said we are going to commit.  Hopefully, we stick to it!

Now I understand that a 5k and a 1/2 marathon aren’t the same, but any little bit helps.  Once we finish C25K, we are going to go onto a 10k to try and get closer to the 1/2 marathon.  We don’t want to run the entire way.  We understand that’s not us, but we hope to find a happy medium of running and walking for our 1/2 marathon!  Slowly, building our endurance, I think we can get there, and get a bit healthier in the process!

I’m glad that hubby & I are sharing this together. We are starting something together that will hopefully get us healthy and fit in the long run!


One Response to “start of something…”

  1. Princess Christy October 6, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    I LOVE C25K. I started it in the spring and made it to week 4 or 5 – then life got in my way. I really want to get started on it again, I think you’ll like it!

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