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1 Oct

Well, to most people this is Friday.  However, to me, it is my Wednesday! Working at Disney, your weekend is often two random days throughout the week.  My “weekend” is Tuesday/Wednesday.  Sometimes I miss having a “normal” weekend, but what’s the fun of being “normal?”  By having my days off when they are, it’s not very busy if I want to do most things, so I miss out on a lot of the crowds.  Of course there are some events that I do miss out on, but you make do, and you create your own, and hey, you can always ask for more time off and have one of the weekend days off!

So this Saturday and Sunday, I am working. Tomorrow I am working about fourteen hours.  I’m not entirely looking forward to it, and that’s a bad sign.  I don’t know why. I have a bunch of hours at Studios and then over to Epcot to help with the Wine and Dine Race.  However, it just doesn’t seem… fun to me.  Hopefully I am wrong.  I think I will be wrong. I just think it seems long as its one of my longest shifts in awhile.  I am sure that’s the only thing that bugging me. At least it is in two different areas with me running to get dinner in between the two for the husband and I, as he is working almost the same shift!  I am responsible for picking us up dinner somewhere. No clue where. However, that will be a decision for tomorrow.

Then Sunday, I am back in bright and early, so I will be tired as I don’t get off until late.  However, it will be worth the overtime. Saving up money for a house or our vacation next year! Since I am in early, I am off early too, which will cause me to probably go to bed at a pretty early hour that day.

And after that, it’s Monday, which is my “Friday” which means that my weekend SHOULD be the next day.  However, I did sign up for some overtime that Tuesday, so my weekend is a one day weekend that weekend with Wednesday being my only day off.  However, I will enjoy it, and it is not too far until my next “weekend.”


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