a little bump in the road…

28 Sep

Well, a little bump in our savings spree is my jeep.  Oh jeep-jeep.  I love my car.  I really do.  However, it seems this year and last year has just been the time to pump money into it.  From my air conditioning going to the windows just falling down, my car has had a lot of money in it.

However, for now *knock on wood* it’s fixed again.  I had to get a window replaced that was replaced last year.  However, I got it done at a better place so hopefully it will last even though it was MORE expensive at the place before! Ugh.

However, hopefully we will be okay.  We are saving up money for Hawaii and a house and for a HAIRCUT! It seems like it won’t be ever for us to get on vacation or for me to get my haircut and highlighted! It’s just the little things I want (Is a trip to hawaii little?).

However, we keep on dreaming for our trip.  We will be going to Disneyland for a week before, and part of me wants to go to San Diego for awhile after our week in Hawaii! Just for a day or two. I’d LOVE to check out the San Diego zoo.  I have a thing with pandas, and I really want to see Su Lin as I have been watching her on panda cam since I was in college!  Which however, as I just looked on the website, Su Lin moved to China this September!  However, I still want to go see my pandas! (Oh, this is why I don’t work in zoos, I would cry when the animals left!)

One benefit to being poor though is all the time with our kittens.  They won’t stop curling up and cuddling with us as they REALLY love having us home!  And that is really lucky for all of us!

Butterscotch & Snickerdoodle


Those are a few pictures of them helping us get ready for bed a few weeks ago.  Little babies love to help us do anything and everything!  And as you can tell, they are a BIG help!

In other news, I started working out again and it’s going okay. I met my 3x weekly goal last week, and I am going to start again this week, and it seems like I will get to my 3x goal this week!  However, tonight is movie night and it is raining so all activity will be indoors!

I’m sure I will blog again soon, as a lot of possible ideas have run through my head, but not a lot of full blog-thoughts!


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