seasons change…

17 Sep

Well, well, well, here in Florida a breeze has found us. Finally.  I like to think of it as the possibility of Fall coming soon.  However, I”m pretty sure, it’s probably just courtesy of a hurricane off the coast.  One can dream, can’t they?

Well, as comes with the seasons, I was talking with my husband the other day, and we realized we have been married for a year and a half.  It was a year and a half ago that we were walking down the aisle to say “I do.”  And boy, have we had an exciting, amazing life so far!  It is amazing to be married to my best friend and have the love of my life with me on my journey.

It’s so weird as I look back and it seems like he was always there. He seemed like he was there through everything good and bad I’ve gone though. It’s like we just took forever to get together, but maybe we had always been together.  When I think back, I can barely remember a time without him with me. I think about high school and go, he was there… oh wait, no he wasn’t.  Maybe he was always with me in my heart.

And boy have we changed in the year and such we’ve been married. We’ve added three amazing kittens to our family, gone on a few vacations, saved up some money, spent a bunch, but have grown together. We have bonded and talked and wandered on our path of life together.

And I can’t thank God enough for every day with him. I highly doubt a billion more will be good enough…


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