too much…

8 Sep

Well, the last week has been crazy.  Miss Snickerdoodle was sick and still may be. The meds ended up making her sicker, so she is off the meds, and will hopefully start eating again soon. That does a lot for my nerves.

Then I thought we were about ready to almost put money away, and then I fail again.  I forgot to pay rent! Ugh! I was so excited that it was highly disappointed when I realized that it will be a new thing for me. It’s really sad now that I am saving up money for a haircut! Ugh! I don’t like being poor.  Hopefully we will get a raise sometime this year with the union or I can just look for another job! With this way, we will never get to Hawaii next year.

Well, my amazing husband has taken it all in stride, picked up some extra time, and then calmed me down all the times I got too upset. He really is a winner and I do not know what I would do without him.

Well, today is my one day off with him so I am going to be hanging out with him the rest of the day. I miss him so much, and I feel like it’s been unfair to him with all of our time lately!

Next few weeks will be attempting to save up money and hopefully there will be some relief.  Hopefully. That’s the end result we hope.

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