catch up?

4 Sep

Well, well, well, it seems like some decent news is on the horizon.

We may be able to start putting money in savings again!

The last few months have been crazy between my air conditioning dying and other issues with my car and all the expenses of the kittens and living.  Also their vet visits, and some other unexpected bills.  It seems like we may *finally* be at a turning point!

Granted we haven’t touched our savings in a few months, it is nice to know that we MAY be able to finally put some money in it, rather than just use up our paychecks as soon as they arrive!  Maybe, just maybe we can start saving a tiny bit.

All of our bills are paid off for this month minus our rent, but once we do that, hopefully we will be able to put a tiny bit away!  I’ve been working six days for the past month and been doing overtime as much as I can.  It also seems like the six days keep coming which is a good thing!

We aren’t out of the woods yet, but fingers crossed and in a few weeks we may be able to put a decent amount of money away!


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