30 Aug

Well, it’s been my third week? maybe a month? Of six day work weeks with some OT thrown into the week too!  However, it is good news as it is money going into our bank account to save up for a house and our Hawaiian vacation next year!

I am walking a delicate line right now.  On one hand, I’m taking all the OT I can get. On the other hand, I have been battling sickness off and on for two weeks now.  So, it’s a thin line that I am dancing on.  This week I have six days again, but the other days aren’t too bad. I am training at Toy Story Midway Mania which is a lot of fun! It also breaks up coordinating the courtyard and at the end of next week, I will be able to coordinate the toy box too!  So that will give me some variety to my over time!

Of course, I also think I should eat up as much overtime as possible, as the new union contract (do I mention that I don’t like unions?) may end up cutting my paycheck by a pretty good amount. Hello, we already make poverty level, what’s next? Pre-poverty level?  If it comes to that though, we will survive. We will figure it out and probably take on some second jobs or different jobs.

Also my work is about to get much more exciting as some amazing friends and coworkers are transferring into my area in the next few weeks! Of course it’s sad time for my husband, as they are leaving his area, and coming to mine!

Anyway, my workaholic self is trying to get as much sanity as normal. It’s a balance of work, time with the husband, relaxation, sleep, and enough social activity to make me feel connected to society!  Of course this whole situation as irony to it: By the time I am off all my overtime and I have to scrounge for it, my husband will probably be eating up the overtime.  We still haven’t decided if this is a benefit yet or not. Granted, it will be money and good for the kittens. However, eventually we will need time together.

Now it is time for me to help my husband get ready for our movie night tonight and attempt to crash a tiny bit before it as I work early in the morning!


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