together time…

28 Aug

This week has not been the best for my husband and I for time together.  We did have our beach day together which was amazing, and we had fun on our movie night. However, just us alone time has been missing.  We work opposite schedules. Normally our schedules aren’t this opposite, but since I’m learning new areas this week, and he still has his normal schedule, we are on opposite shifts a lot.  It will continue throughout this coming week as I am learning another new area, and I expect it will happen the week after also, but tonight, we have a few hours.

He works early tomorrow, but I don’t go in until one. However, I do have a cold/sinus thing, so I’m not in the best spirits. I do still have a positive attitude, and I will be loving every minute I have.  Also since we are saving up money for our future, we don’t get all the time together that we could, but it will be worth it someday.  There is a benefit to not a lot of time together: you save money! As we don’t have time to go out to eat or want to, so we just save, save, save!

Does anyone else have some tips for spending time together with loved ones, when it is minimized, and making it count?

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