attitude is everything…

27 Aug

So many times over the last few days, I’ve realized how important attitude is. I’ve always tried to have a happy-go-lucky attitude for most things, and it’s really weird how many people don’t.

Don’t people realize that how you react to situations and how you view them? Your attitude influences it. Take parents for example.  You are taking your child to something you really want them to do, but it is closed, so what to do you? Well, there are one of two options. The great parents in my opinion, brush it off, because if you get upset, your child will get upset. The attitude reflects on them.  Or you can do option two, and the kid will be crying, you will be upset, and no one will be having fun!

Attitude is everything!

Ryan and I have plans to go to Hawaii and buy a house next year.  Some people said they don’t feel its possible to be done.  Well, we do, and we have a positive attitude and a good spin on it, so yes, it will be happening.  We will find a way for it to happen! Yes, we will be working overtime for it, and just trying to get as many shifts as possible, but we WILL be doing it. Unless some horrible event happens, its our goal, and I have faith that our positive attitude will get us there.

So just a bit of words from someone who has seen how attitude reflects on everything, try to put a positive spin on things next time something not-so-great is happening. You’d be surprised how you remember the situation and the outcome of it.


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