starting a tradition…

25 Aug

My husband and I together own almost every Disney animated film ever made.  We do own at least all the first’s. All the ones released in theaters, so this last Monday, along with a great group of friends, we started a tradition:

Move night!

We have plans to watch every animated Disney feature film in order from the start to the current day. One a week, the night will change, but we will watch them all!

This first night was great, starting with Snow White, obviously, we had abotu 20 people come join us. We of course made comments the entire movie (think Rocky Horror Picture Show) and had delicious snacks!  We had some pretty creative methods such as passing a cake around all taking a forkful, instead of you know, slicing it and eating like normal adults, but it was a lot of fun!  Good start to a new tradition. Something cheap, a lot of fun, and the company of great friends!

Some weeks we will have to do double features (I mean, who just wants to cry through Bambi and then leave?) due to shorter films, and maybe even a few triples, the nights will change, but one thing will stay the same…

great company, great movies, and laughter.

So if anyone wants to join, just let us know!


One Response to “starting a tradition…”

  1. Princess Christy August 26, 2010 at 7:53 am #

    That sounds like so much fun! I might have to join you remotely, although I think I’m missing a bunch, and I can’t afford to go buy them, lol.

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