18 Aug

So as amazing as it is working with your husband and having the same group of friends, and just getting a lot of husband time, there is a downside to it.  We have a pretty amazing marriage that seems perfect. It feels perfect a lot of the time because each person as their own version of perfection, but there are bad things to it.

For example, let’s say you work in an area with your husband and you work with the same group of friends.  Well, then you get a transfer and leave. You are very sad to leave and hope that some of those friends get to transfer with you.  Eventually, after months of you being without them, adjusting, and you getting used to the idea that they are no longer your main group, they end up transferring.  Then your husband is left alone.  Granted he’s not alone because he does have SOME people there.  There are some people, not the one’s he wants, but there are some.

So then what happens? You are excited and happy. He is devastated and grouchy. He starts snapping at every little thing. You want to be all happy and dance around, but it is ruined in his sadness.  Granted, should you really show how happy you are with him around? Or should you just hide it? It’s so weird.  It’s a predicament, that granted not the exact same situation, all marriages will end up in a similar situation.  So how do you get through it?

He says he’s not being that bad. He says he’s fine, but you know the truth, and it then ends up devastating you as your happiness is ruined.  You don’t feel like being happy anymore because him being happy makes you happy, so then you just feel miserable.

It pretty much sucks.  So what do you do? You just get through it. Somehow.  Knowing you, you give in and stop being happy and just feel so sorry for taking them away.  You just feel bad, but you will deal with it, and you will get on with your happily ever after.  As it will turn out that way anyway, you just have to get over this tiny bump in the road.  No biggie, but you will somehow get through it.  You will compromise, as that is one of the great things to your marriage.

You will compromise, you just have to find out the way to do it! And we will, we just have to find our way, with some compromising from both of you.


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