Forgive me for any errors…

15 Aug

As I am REALLY tried, but I haven’t blogged in awhile, so I felt like doing an update.  You are getting a blog with me on about three hours of sleep, so I am sure it will be quite random and full of errors.

I ended up working from 7:30am until midnight last night.  Then I was back in from 7:30am until 16:00 today.  It was a lot of fun, and I am super glad that I stayed, I am just exhausted.  I will appreciate the paycheck though as a bit of it will help us rebuild our bank account for a house!

Now that I made it through my super long day, I have kittens curled up all around. It started with an Oreo curled up on top of me purring away. Snickerdoodle wanted in on the action so sat down on top of Oreo and started to purr. She is now sound asleep in my arms as I type this.  Butterscotch came and curled up on my feet just like a good guard puppy would do. He thinks he is one, even though he is afraid of puppies!

I realized again yesterday how happy I am to be married to my husband.  We had plans to spend the night together last night. It was going to be us making dinner, cuddling, watching tv, and getting to bed early as I was tired.  However, it turned into me working, him bringing me coffee, my glasses, and some food supplies, and then him going home to eat alone.  He could have been a bit irritated for me asking or for me redoing our plans at last minute, as I told him the change of plans about 20 minutes before I was supposed to go home, as that is when I found out, but he didn’t care.  He thanked me for working and getting more money for us.  While I think it was a huge thing for him to bring me supplies, and he just said its part of the deal.  We are a team.

Somehow I think this is how marriage is supposed to be, you are a team.  There is no I, even though at moments I come out, it’s mostly we, the team.

At work the other day, I walked in a conversation about how marriage is hard and how you have to give stuff up in order to stay happily married and survive.  Give up? I did not give up anything to be married, I gained so much more.  Granted I have only been married for a year and a half almost, I don’t see it that way. Of course they have been married for a lot longer than I, maybe I just found a better match? As I am a strong believer that depending on who you are married to, and how much of a soulmate you are to that person, the better and easier marriage you have.  Maybe I got lucky, found my soulmate, and am living happily ever after.

I will be very curious to talk to myself in five to ten to fifteen to twenty plus years.  Will I still be this happy? Or am I just being naive? Somehow, I have the feeling that I will still be just as happy as I am today. Of course sad things will happen, but we will get through them. Together, as a team.

And now I think I will allow myself the chance for a nap.  We have plans that we must attend to go out soon, but I am going to be a total slacker and just try and catch a twenty mintue pick-me-up nap.  I know the other part of my team won’t mind at all!


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