Happiness in Marriage…

11 Aug

One thing that I’ve noticed time and time again that help with my “Happily Ever After” is something so simple that keeps our marriage happy.


My husband and I have somewhat of daring personalities. I say daring as we are willing to try new things. We will try almost anything with each other.  For our one year wedding anniversary, we went parasailing.  I am terrified of heights, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and my husband was MORE than willing, so there we went off on our adventure.  I loved it. All because my husband was there with me.

My husband thought he couldn’t cook.  He wasn’t capable of it, but over our dating and married life, he has become one hell of a cook because he compromised. He tried. That’s all that I asked for, and he found out he is pretty good! Not as creative as I can be, but he tries, and that is all that matters.

It’s so easy. Maybe it’s because we are so in love with each other that we will try anything and everything, but all you have to do is try.  You can take a different path, walk a different way, watch something different, do something slightly different, and be adventurous.

So thank you to my amazing husband who is willing to try with me.  Thank you for being so creative and so understanding and so willing to try.  I can’t wait for our next million years of trying together!


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