relaxation vacation…

9 Aug

Well, tonight is the end of our glorious nine day vacation.  We needed it, andof course it felt like it went by way too fast.  However, it was great that we had this time off and we got paid for it too!

We traveled to Wisconsin to visit my family and it was tons of fun. We ended up bringing our kitten crew with us, and they were the BEST in the car. Of course there was the occasional frustrated meow and the occasional hitting us to get attention, but for 99% of the trip, they slept.  They ended up being great where we stopped in Tennessee for the night. They adapted quickly to the house.  Then when we got to Wisconsin at one point we had nine animals in the house. Six cats (three of which were ours), two dogs, and a rabbit and they were amazing! Butters and Oreo were a little bit afraid of the puppies, but Snickerdoodle showed no fear and just became fast friends with everyone.

I’m glad they came with us as they enjoyed spending the time with us just as much as we did.

We also ended up going to the Museum of Science and Industry and the Wisconsin State Fair.  The Fair has always been one of my favorites.  Lots of fried food and food on a stick! One of the most amazing things we tried were Reuben Rolls.  They were basically an egg roll with corned beef and sauerkraut inside!  Totally delicious and a great deal. I believe it was about $4 for three rolls. We want to make them, but then we would end up needing a deep fryer, which I am sure would not end up being good for my waste line!

Some of the best part of the trip was that I got to spend the entire time with my amazing husband.  We never got sick of each other and continued to take care of each other on our long trip. We really enjoy each others company and we can just sit there and do nothing half the time and be perfectly content.  That is something that is so amazing about our relationship. We just have to be together!

Of course there are a few humorous stories, with having six cats in the house, the fights were occasional. Not as bad as I thought, but we did bolt out of bed at 5am a few times to break up a disagreement between friends.

One great purchase we ended up making was Song of the South on DVD.  We found it at the fair from a DVD stand.  It was forty bucks, but it was an actual copy of the DVD from England.  Totally worth the purchase as it helped complete our collection.  We are watching it as I blog and I am definitely enjoying it! Zip-a-dee-do-da!

In other humorous stories, I had an epic puking experience. Yes, that’s right I said it.  My stomach is a bit sensitive. Eventually I will go to a doctor (once I find one. Anyone have a good one in Central Florida?) and see whats up, but for now I can mostly control it by making sure I eat on a regular basis and tums.  However, I ended up waiting too long to eat, and then I ended up eating something too greasy.  Of course, that was my fault.  However, driving back from dinner, we ended up stopping on a road called Ryan road of all places.  And my mom pulled into a McDonald’s.  I ran into the bathroom because I knew I would feel better once I cleared EVERYTHING. I just needed to get it out. And there I epically puked about six times and then I was good.

Ryan was waiting outside for me, and someone apparently asked him if the men’s room was occupied, which he said it wasn’t. He was just waiting for (insert my epic puking noise here) me.  That’s right, apparently the entire McDonald’s could hear me.  Well, I was better off once I emptied my stomach. Then one vanilla milkshake and a bottle of water later, we were back in the car heading home. A warm bath and some sleep and I was fine by morning to eat all the fried foods at the fair!

Of course, epic puking moments are ones you always want to remember, so you blog them.

Tomorrow will be back to work starting off with eight days straight.  However, that will be some nice money for the house we want. I am sure that will be a discussion of many future blogs!


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