stacks and stacks… of books…

6 Aug

One of the greatest state fair traditions that we have, is going to Schober’s Books. It’s in Greenfield or West Allis in Wisconsin.  And it is crazy. It is a true hidden gem that can have you get lost for hours and hours.

a look inside the store - their display window

Every time we have gone in, Alma has been there to greet us. She is a charming woman who loves to talk.  Dressed in a fashion that would truly fit this magnificent find, she knows where things are. Somehow.  There is some organization, but a good part of the adventure is discovery.  You look in a bookshelf on the outer most layer, and then once you are done, you peel away that layer to show another one! Some of the true treasures are found in the back.

Records, DVDs, CDs, VCR tapes, cassette tapes, toys, stuffed animals, magazines and books.  I could spend hours just looking through the books. When you enter, you go throw a maze. Off to the right are mostly fiction with random science fiction and magazines thrown in.  Looking for a National Geographic from the 50s? They will have it. Somewhere. There are stacks to the right and when you enter all the way in the back.  Of course, it has changed a bit in our two visits.

Children books are to the left as you enter. Once you get past those books in the back on the left are the true Literature Finds.  Hard cover books from the 1800s or 1900s.  Classics, some in Latin, and some newer books in between!  Now I looked and looked, but I did not find that one true great classic that I had to have.  Of course I saw millions I wanted, to start our library, but on a tiny budget, I know that it will have to wait.

the organizational system

Of course, some of the best part about is the pricing process. I can not understand what the process is.  It’s best to see it for yourself, as I could not really explain it.  Just know, you definitely have a bargain.  Of course they do know some of the great classics they have as the extremely valuable books are right near the employee at all times, but you will definitely find hidden gems that you have looked for in the literary world.

The entire series of Hardy Boy’s or Nancy Drew in original print? They have it!  Random obscurities like the self-help “If You Really Loved Me, You Would…” They have it!

They have it all. describes it as:

Mostly vintage paperbacks, and a particularly strong young
adult fiction section.  Heavy on popular fiction, stuff 
from the 50s and 60s, but an eclectic selection that
is worth a look if you're seeking something you haven't
been able to locate anywhere else.

It really is a true find.  Now if you ever want me to find something or look for something, just let me know, as it will be a tradition on every Wisconsin trip.  Granted, we probably won’t be back for a couple of years, I would be more than happy to help you find a treasure!

And if you are looking for a bookstore, check out as they have an amazing list!

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