23 Jul


For some reason, this little guy speaks to me right now.  Nothing is wrong. I just feel bleh.  No clue why, but this little guy, really really speaks to me.

I know one reason I am feeling bleh is probably because I need to get back into an exercise routine, but I am still adjusting to my schedule and with a few random trips we have over the next few weeks, I don’t know if I will get my pattern back yet.  However, hopefully with some extra free time, I will have some time to get some exercise in and hopefully jump-start my program.

Other than that, I have no excuse. I have nothing exciting to blog, yet here I am attempting to blog.  How boring!

Let’s see… in other news, I had tofu in my frozen lunch dinner. it was an Amy’s bowl, and it was oddly delicious.  maybe this will be more of a habit for me!

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  1. set2music July 24, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    OMG aren’t the amy’s meals AWESOME?!?!?

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