Florida Girl…

7 Jul

Well,  I have lived in Florida full-time for a few years now, and I will say this year is the first that I have ever spent this much time at the beach.  We’ve had three beach trips so far this year. Two to Cocoa Beach, One to Clearwater, and a random pseudo beach trip to DeLeon Springs for Nature & Pancakes.

It’s been a lot of fun, and I have really enjoyed my time with some great friends, some great times, and getting to have some fun in the ocean! My amazing husband has taught me how to boogie board and every so often I catch a really decent wave.   Although, all this time in the ocean, just makes me want to learn to surf.

sunset at Clearwater Beach

We’ve had some beautiful photos taken, and a lot of fun.  And the summer isn’t even over yet! I am sure over the next few weeks we will be going on a few more beach trips, one for sure to New Symerna to spend some time with part of our in-laws!  And possibly a trip with my parents next week, and then I am sure a few more with some great friends!

Ocean - Cocoa Beach, FL

So here, is to me officially being a Florida Girl and spending a lot of time on the beach, getting a tiny bit of a tan (but not too much as I don’t want skin cancer some day, I’m a sunscreen girl), and getting relaxed.


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