Dreaming of the future…

14 Jun

So many of our friends around my current family unit have been going through changes whether it be getting a house or having a baby, and I want to move on.  However, I am enjoying where I am right now.  We are enjoying just being married.  Next up will be a house hopefully within the next year or so but we are also wanting to go on vacations, so it’s not the right time for kids.  We want to do our dream vacations a few times, so we will just have to put those plans on hold.

However, the house plans are pounding in my head and refuse to leave.  So many decisions we can get a gorgeous house if we move out of where we currently live, but we kind of want to live here, so what do we do? Agh! So many questions.  So many thoughts. I guess I’m just dreaming of the Great Big Beautiful tomorrow…

It’s important to keep in mind when dreaming that what other people are doing may not be right for you. You have to follow your own path.  Do what’s right for you and you will find your eternal happiness.


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