3 Jun

So many times I’ve felt like that little yellow dude, looking in on all my fluffy friends.  Just on the outside… so close, yet so far.  It’s a lonely feeling, and there’s really been no reason for it.  It’s just how I’ve felt.  Until I met my husband it felt like I was missing a big chunk of my life, and now that life has fallen into place with him, only the friend thing seems to be missing.  I seem to bounce from group to group of friends, and many times it feels like I’m only friends with a group by association of someone else, but lately it has changed.

It’s a good feeling, and I just discovered it today, that I have a pretty decent group of friends. I have amazing friends to be exact. They are a group of amazing people that are like my family.  We are there for one another, and I belong.  I’m no longer the yellow duckling on the outside, I’m walking with my fluffy friends.

Ironically enough I realize this at a time with a big change is coming in my life.  I am transferring to a new area and am leaving a lot of my amazing friends that I work with and see every day behind.  However, I know that the change won’t phase us, and it may take a tiny bit of work, but it will work…

and there will be some new people that I meet on my new adventure.  Possibly some amazing ones to add to my friendly family.


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