Travel Dreams

8 May

Husband and I always are talking about “what we are going to do next.” We would LOVE to have more money to travel, but we mainly have to take advantage of our CM discount thru Disney on a lot of trips as well, we don’t have much!

We also are saving up to buy our dream home, so its often difficult to figure out what we want to spend money on, how much, etc.  However, we still like to dream.


We can’t wait to get our own house. A place to call OUR home. Something we own. Something we can fix.  But we do still have plenty of times for our travel dreams.

We are probably going to try to go to the wonderfully warm state of Hawaii net year!  If all works according to plans, we will try to go to Disneyland before our trip, spend some time in Hawaii and then come back.  That is our dream. Hopefully it will work out. We’ve looked at airfare and its not too expensive. We think we can swing it, but hotel, food, other expenses besides souvenirs?  Hopefully we can swing it, but we shall see! I at the very least promised my husband a trip to Disneyland next year, so we WILL be making that trip!

Our next dream is as follows… *drum-roll please*  Yes yes, Tokyo Disneyland!  Or Disney Sea, as I am not fully versed yet!

Tokyo Disneyland!

That will be our probably first trip to another Disney place.  We can’t WAIT to go.  We priced out hotel rooms just to see (staying on Disney property of course!) and it’s actually not too bad, so again the whole airfare/food/etc. And we have to figure out what ELSE we are doing in Tokyo as we are probably not going to go ALL the way there, and just go to Disneyland! (Well, we might)  However, that is definitely one of our trips planned for the next few years hopefully. (You know, along with that house thing!)

We also want to go to Europe. We’ve both never been and we want to visit England, Ireland, Rome, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc. Mainly places that speak English as we aren’t good in any other languages, so we don’t want to be the special people we deal with sometimes. Of course we would sneak in a trip to Paris and go to Disneyland.  That is a dream.  However, now that I have my passport, I am determined to do this within the next ten years!

Also a trip to the down-under of Australia, is somewhere on our list of to-do’s.   However, not so urgent in our minds as the others.  However, we have so many dreams.  Too bad responsibility, bills, and nice things that we like get in the way.

One Response to “Travel Dreams”

  1. set2music May 8, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    I wanna go back to Japan and Hawaii!! We think maybe next year…

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