so glad you came to visit…

4 May

Since last week Wednesday, we have been entertaining my parental units.  It was a much needed and long-overdue visit.   We saw my Dad in February, but we haven’t seen my mom since December.  It’s awful that Mr. Loki had to go to Puppy heaven in order to make a trip happen, but my parents got away.

However, my mom threw her back out on their first morning here, so we spent a lot of time with just my dad, or us having picnics upstairs in their bedroom and picking up to-go food!  I am glad they had a great visit though, and next time we will hopefully get to do more together!

It’s always nice when Family comes to visit. It’s a choice you make living so far away from the ones you love, the ones that were your friends for so long, and then your family.  It’s nice when they come visit. It’s a great feeling and it helps me remember where I come from.  However, living this far away, you have to know that visits are far and few between, and you have to live with that.  It’s a bittersweet thing.  You live somewhere that you love, but you are always giving something up in the process.

At least I have an amazing husband and family here to help with some of the missing-you vibes! It’s amazing what love, kittens, and a few good friends can do!


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