sickening sweet…

25 Apr

So yesterday was the Annual Great American Pie Festival in Celebration Florida.  It was delicious! $10 all you can eat pie!

It was delicious. However 9 pieces of Pie later I was second guessing my motives… There was strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, triple berry, peach, apple, banana creme, chocolate raisin, German chocolate, and peanut butter dream!  Ryan also had Key-Lime pie covered in chocolate on a stick.  Of course I felt sick on our way home, but it was totally worth it and a spur of the moment plan as we didn’t have plans to go!

It’s just one of the many reasons I love my husband, we think alike, so our spur of the moment plans are so right for us as we both love them!  Speaking of my husband, the comment was said today again that we are just sickening sweet.  That’s okay as I am part of a too-cute couple!  I know we can be nauseating, but we try not to be.  Well not all the time, sometime we can’t help it.  But I snagged a REALLY amazing good guy. And I’m proud of it!  So I plan on holding onto him, so who cares if we can be too adorable?


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