totally worth it…

12 Apr

Some people may not understand, but others will know exactly what I’m talking about.   Sometimes certain things don’t feel worth it. Why would you spend so much time loving someone, taking care of them, providing for them, only for them to die. That’s such a cynical view on things, but my mind has crossed that, but it’s totally worth it.

Over the years I have become a pet person. Dogs or Cats, it doesn’t matter.  We have become cat people as our schedules allow it better, but we will have a dog at some point in our married life together. Or dogs, since we tend to do things in multiples. And it all started with this little girl when I was little…


She found us and was the start of our cats.  We had two dogs, Buffy and Loki, but I did not take care of them as much as I had to for this little girl.  She lasted all the way to my last summer home of college, and I still miss her.  I hate that she died of cancer.  I’m glad we tried to help her, but I still miss her. She lived 12 years with us and that is amazing. She used to bite and hit but that was just her personality. She knew when I wanted to cuddle and whenever she felt like it, she granted us that wish.

Next up were these two…

Loki & Thor

We adopted them from a shelter when they were two as a family. And they caused us a lot of fun, a lot of delights. I used to love taking them both for walks. Thor would let me ride him like a horse which always made me laugh, and Loki being cat police was totally worth it. Thor left us last May to go to Puppy Dog heaven.  And Loki is leaving us today.  I’ve said my goodbyes, and I am glad that they will be happy together again.

Next up was this tough guy…


He was a stray, kinda that picked up. This little guy fought cancer. He beat it for six years, and then the cancer won. That was absolutely awful. I am so thankful that cancer gave us 6 more years with him. That’s amazing. I’m glad I got to fly home to see him the weekend before he went to kitty-heaven. We would go for walks together, because he loved going outside, but I really don’t think I was fair to him as he loved to go outside, but he wanted to go outside more. If only I did that.

And after that I moved.  I went to college in Florida and moved away and started my own escapdes in pets.  First up was this little one that I simply didn’t get enough time with…


Smores showed up on my front porch and strolled right into our loves. Not sure who she belonged to before us or what she did, but no one claimed her, so we kept her and she was my little angel. We went on adventure trips, and I took care of her the best we could. I wish we could have saved her from cancer. When Ryan and I got together, I told him we are a package deal, me and Miss Smores.  I love her so much.  She was the first one I was ever there with at the very end.  I’m glad I was there, and I still miss her.

And now that takes us to present day with this three…

Snickerdoodle aka Miss Doodle

If you have noticed anything about these three is that they are perfect for me.  For one things they vaguely remind me of three very important cats that I’ve lost. little bits of each of them appear in these three, yet these three are their own individual appreciated animals that I just can’t get enough of!  Miss Snickerdoodle is our resident calico and has a lot of personality. She’s always wanting cuddles and is very easy going.  Although she can get scared when taken away from her other siblings.  Oh amazing kittens.

Miss Oreo aka Miss Cookie

Here is Miss Oreo. She’s our little Emo kitten who is amazing and loves her Mama. her Dad’s just as good when needed, but she’s a mama’s girl.  She loves to play and beat on her brother, but she can also harass her sister.  Don’t get caught in one of her moods though.

Butterscotch aka Mr. Scotch

And here is our little boy. Or little man as we call him.  He’s a man of the house when he needs to be. He’s an expert hunter and can pick on his sisters. He loves to wrestle with his Daddy and help him with any manly projects… especially if they involve tools.  However he has a weakness for pretty girls and he loves to cuddle!

So those are my current animals.  They each will have their own problems throughout their life. We will take care of them.  We will provide for them and do everything we can.  Best of all, I will know when its time to let go. I can’t describe it, but I knew it with Smores, and I was brave enough to make that decision.  So just remember even though it is going to be awful at the end, that isn’t the end.  Someday you will meet again, and enjoy all the little moments in between as those are what you can live for.

RIP Loki.  I am glad you get to go see Mr. Thor today, and that you will get to play cat cop again with all the cats.  Make sure Tuesday and Tigger are behaving.  Say hi to Smores for us and Buffy and Smokey.

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