Amusement of the Mind…

8 Apr

So from being sick the last few days, I have been spending my time attempting to amuse myself as I have been sick.  Tuesday was great as the husband didn’t leave until 3:30, but yesterday he left at 11:30am so I had a lot of time to entertain myself.  What does one do when they are bored?
Well, for one thing, I watched a LOT of TV. I cleared out over 10 hours of the DVR which is a great uhh, accomplishment? On my days off, I am one to clean get things done, entertain myself, work-out, etc. However, now that I was sick it was a lot of sitting on the couch and doing a whole lot of nothing.  I did play through a good chunk of this amazing game…

Diner Dash!

Not that exact one I want to play thru time now as I am playing Diner Dash 4? However, it is great that I at least had some sort of weak stimulation of my brain.  That is one bad thing about being sick.  When your mind feels okay but your body feels absolutely awful, it becomes an Epic battle of entertainment.

So what are some things you do to amuse yourself when your sick?


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