Amazing Vows of Sickness…

6 Apr

When you get married you do the typical “in sickness and health” vows. I honestly don’t remember if our wedding vows had that in them, as we didn’t have traditional vows, but the sentiment was there even if it wasn’t word for word.  This past weekend my hubby lived up to his vows in every since of the way.

I was getting sick, and I kept on working when I knew I should probably rest or go to the doctor, but I figured I’d just try to get to my weekend and then rest.  Well I came home Saturday and my throat hurt horribly.  I made up a story (maybe because I had a fever, now that I look back at it), that I had two iguana’s living in my throat. I named them Pablo and Iggy and they were lovers.

Iggy & Pablo when they aren't in my throat

Well, it hurt bad. I got home from work on Saturday and was pretty much useless. I just curled up on the couch and wanted to rest.  My amazing husband made me soup and grilled cheese for dinner.  However, I started aching so badly that I couldn’t even eat it. My body hurt so bad that I was happier to just go hungry than to feed myself, so my amazing husband started to feed me. He realized I had a fever so he got a bath ready for me to try and calm my fever down a bit.  It felt amazing. However, after the bath, I ended up puking up all his hard work! All the food in my stomach was gone. I had a fever of about only 100.9 but I was not happy. I had tried to take tylenol to calm it down, but I threw that up with my food, and I was unable to take anything else for four hours, so I just had to suffer.  At around 10:30pm at night I was hungry again so Husband went out to get me some fried chicken and chocolate chip cookies which I wanted, along with some Gatorade.  That’s devotion to go out once we’re in bed.  Fried chicken is my sick food. I can eat it when I’m sick and I have never puked it back up, so it’s normally something decent to get in my stomach.

I attempted to go to bed, but I know I wandered a lot. I randomly took another bath at 2am, and I pet the kittens a lot. They were all cuddled with me because of my fever.  I took my temperature at 2am and it was up to 102.  Ugh. It was awful.  My amazing husband woke up to get me some milk to try and calm my stomach.  I woke up the next morning and called into work.  That happened to be Easter Sunday, and I felt absolutely awful, but after getting barely 2 hours of sleep and my fever, there was no way I could function.  I tried to sleep a bit more and I woke up when my alarm went off at 8:50am and I was sweated. I had finally broken my fever.

The husband called and made me an appointment at a Clinic to take me in.  So at 11am after getting me some chicken for breakfast, off to the doctor we went.  He talked for me, helped me fill out forms.  I wasn’t too friendly as I just wanted to FEEL better.  I was told I had a really severe sinus infection (uhm, okay?) so I was given a Z-pack and some 180mg of Allegra to try and clear it out of my system. (Did I mention I’m on the Allegra for 10 days and it makes me REALLY dizzy?) We went to the pharmacy right there in the clinic, and then we were on our way home.

So I have an amazing husband who FED me when I just gave up myself. That is devotion. He took care of me and never once complained when I asked for things or when I just started to cry because I was frustrated.  He was amazing. I am truly blessed.  I just hope that I can someday repay the favor, but I hope that he is never this sick.

So marriage is really amazing when you do have someone who is there in every sense of the vows.

Now a couple days later, I’m on the mend, but not 100%. Getting better slowly and I tire easily. I need to get back on my workout routine, but I know I need to rest.  I can only thank my amazing husband that I’ve gotten this far so far!

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