A tale of domestic housewifeness

1 Apr

Hubs and I have a deal that whoever gets home first is in charge of dinner.  Of course we can go pick something up or order something, but we do try to cook most of our meals to save money.  Well last night I was in charge of dinner. He was telling me not to worry about it because I have a nasty cold, but there was a recipe I wanted to try.

Our meal started out with Lamb which is something we both love. It’s also really easy on your digestive system so it wouldn’t be too hard on me since I didn’t eat too much yesterday from being sick. I marinaded it with some soy sauce, yogurt mustard, rosemary garlic parmesan seasoning, and a bit of lemon juice. I let it sit on the lamb for about an hour in the frig.  It was delicious like always, and Mr. Butterscotch approved also!

Ours were wider and looked like chips more but were still delicious!

Then I made Sweet Potato Fries! They were delicious. Roughly following this recipe… Sweet Potato Fries: Ellie Krieger.  Expect instead of oil I sprayed them with cooking spray and salted half of them.  The other half I sprayed with cooking spray on both sides just like the others, but instead I put cinnamon and sugar on.  I cooked the first salted try at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  They were done but not very crunchy.  I was cooking the lamb at the same time, so once we started eating I cooked the second tray at 400 degrees for 20 minutes of the sweet fries.    They were both EQUALLY delicious and the husband has already requested I make some more even though we have some leftovers!

One side note though, the cinnamon and sugar harden once it is out of the oven so make sure you remove them from the baking sheet before they harden otherwise it will be hard to remove!

So what are some of your favorite meals?


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