The 25th Year…

26 Mar

Well a few days ago was my Birthday.   So I am now starting out the 25th year of my life.  So far it’s not bad. of course it started with a poorly serviced and disgusting dinner, but that’s okay because I did get to spend the day with my amazing husband!  And we don’t get days off together, so I was okay with doing anything with him matter what we did. I used to think I would feel so old at 25.  However, the only thing I do feel is that I have so much more life ahead of me. So much more experiences, and I am so incredibly lucky.

I have the most amazing husband that I am utterly and completely in love with. Nothing can change that. I love him to pieces, and we have been through a lot but we just keep getting stronger as we go.  So I am incredibly blessed.

I have amazing friends that will be there for me. They support me, they take care of me, and they love me, and that is amazing.  I have some people that will be in my life forever.

I am just blessed with everything.

Well enough of that rampage.  I am blessed and loved.  We got Ryan’s new car last monday, and my husband is so in love with it, and it makes him smile so that is simply amazing.

I’m sure I had more to this blog, but my mind is blank so I am going to go get some lunch before I work!


One Response to “The 25th Year…”

  1. Amanda March 26, 2010 at 11:37 am #

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

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