an adventure in parasailing…

15 Mar

Hanging on by a Rope

I am afraid of heights.  At least I was.  I think I took a big step for jumping off my fear of heights by going parasailing.  We went at disney’s Contemporary Resort with a reservation with Sammy Duvall’s Watersports.  It was absolutely amazing!

It was nerve racking how fast we were up in the air. We were given safety instructions, told how we were taking off, and how we were landing, and that was it. Off we were going. Soon I was hooked onto the rop above with my amazing husband behind me!  He was thrilled. I was thinking, “Oh Crap, what did I do?”  But once I was up there, it was amazing!  I took a disposable waterproof camera with us, but I would have been fine using our video camera.  We didn’t get wet at all!  It was definitely a great way to celebrate our Anniversary.

Discovery Island

Contemporary and Magic Kingdom


It was amazing.  Once I was there, I wasn’t scared anymore, and with the husband by my side, well, behind me, I was fine.  It was tons of fun, my nerves left me, and it felt wonderful! I couldn’t believe I was that high up in the air.  It was amazing.  I can’t wait til we get to go back again. It was freezing because of how cold it was, so we didn’t get to do as big of loops as they normally do in the boat, but it was still wonderful, and I have definitely found something that we will do again this summer once it gets warm.

Glad to be back on the ground, but loved every moment of it!


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  1. set2music March 17, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    love it!!

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