One Year Anniversary Trip

4 Mar

Ryan and I just celebrated our 1 year Anniversary.  We had a great time and spent some of our trip reflecting on what has all happened over the past year.  We are still as happy as can be, but my poor husband was missing Disneyland BADLY!  However, I know we will get back there someday.  However, I can’t believe how much we’ve gone through in a year!!

We checked into Bay Lake Tower the night before our Anniversary fitting with what we did for our honeymoon. We ended up on the 11th floor which made me happy. I didn’t want to end up on the first or second floor when we could have had an amazing view! Our room was 8111 which was a 1 bedroom Villa with a Bay Lake View.  We decided on a Bay Lake View because you could see farther. We could see the Epcot Ball from our room which was cool.

living room areaMaster Bedroom Area

We loved the decor of Bay Lake.  We also thought that it seemed a lot more relaxing than the Contemporary or a lot of the Disney Resorts. It really felt like you were heading home. We loved the Space Mountain photo that was above our dining room table.  We will definitely end up staying at BLT again.

We spent our first night there and ended up having Dinner at the Wave.  My friend Glenn joined us as originally we wanted to go to Top of the World Lounge but you have to be DVC members to go there, and we sadly are not.    I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and the Flu the day before so we just wanted to relax.  After dinner, Glenn wanted to see our room, so we took him to see it, and then we wandered the grounds a bit.
The next day we woke up and had breakfast reservations at 1900 Park Faire.  Ryan had never done character dining.  He said it was LOUD!  Ha. Loved the Breakfast Buffet though!

Mary Poppins

After that we were supposed to go Parasailing at the contemporary.  However, due to high winds, we were rescheduled for the next day!  I was nervous so its probably a good thing.  We decided to go to Epcot instead as it was the first day of the Flower and Garden Festival

Flower & Garden Festival

Farmer & his Wife

This year they have the Disney Characters in each Country that they are from!  So we saw some new ones, but a lot of the same from last year.  I also texted Hope Sleeping Beauty so hopefully she got that!  🙂

After that we headed home to check on our kittens as the person who was supposed to cat sit them bailed.  Kim went to feed them breakfast to help us out which we were thankful for.  So we spent a few hours with our crew. I needed to sit down as I was exhausted.  We rested for awhile and then grabbed close to wear to Narcoossee’s for dinner.  We headed back to BLT because Ryan wanted to go down the slide.  Every hotel we stay at, he goes down the slide, so he did in 50 degree weather and windy.


We then changed for dinner and went to Narcoossee’s! We got complementary Champagne which was great!  Our meal was good. I had crab and shrimp chowder and then scallops as my entree.  Ryan had crab cakes and then crab crusted Mahi-Mahi. We shared a bittersweet chocolate Mousse for dessert!  This is where Ryan and I had dinner right after he proposed to me, so we enjoyed our meal again and I’m sure we will eat a few more there! We also had personalized menus which were a nice touch that we got to take home with us!

After that, we headed home to feed the kittens dinner.  Once we did, we headed back to our room and curled up in bed and watched the water pageant from there! After that it was bed time!

Today, we woke up and packed our things up after getting ready to come feed the kittens.  Good-bye BLT! As we were driving home we got a call from Sammy Duvall’s watersports which does parasailing at the Contemporary… and due to high winds our parasailing was canceled again for today!  We are now rescheduled for tomorrow at 10:30am.  Hopefully it will not be WINDY! It’s only supposed to be 10mph so fingers crossed!

We spent a bit of time at home with the kittens and then we decided to go to DAK so I could see the new baby girl Gorilla that was born over the weekend and then to MK just to walk around a bit!

Mom & Baby Gorilla

She’s not even a week old yet but adorable! She was right up near the windows too which surprised me.  Mom is taking good care of though. She made a bed of hay while we were there and then sat down to eat.

After that we were off to MK. We parked at BLT and just walked over since our room keys still work!  It seemed pretty busy so we mainly just walked around. We road the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and even though the waits were 20-30 minutes at the most, I wasn’t feeling the best, so we slowly walked around and ate lunch at El Pirata y el Perico. They had new menu items which made me happy as its one of my FAVORITE places.  However, it didn’t sit well with me, so we headed home after that.

Cheesy Castle Photo

We did stop by the Confectionery at Mainstreet though to get Ryan a candy apple (with chocolate and sprinkles), a piece of fudge to mail my brother, and some chocolate covered pretzels.  I don’t think my diet is working out too well.

Hopefully parasailing will work out for tomorrow and then i will have more photos to post!  Tonight we are going to curl up and watch movies and just spend time with the kittens! We do still have two days off of work!


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  1. set2music March 8, 2010 at 8:55 am #

    Aw, I am so glad you had a blast – and that you finally got to do your parasailing!

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