5 random Friday Thoughts…

19 Feb

Just wanted to put 5 random thoughts  on my blog today.  Maybe it will become a habit maybe not, but anyway, here are Five random thoughts…

1. I am so happy we got our kittens!  They are such joy and delight. I currently have a Snickerdoodle curled up on my lap and Oreo and Butters are lounging around. I just love all the purrs and love they give us.  They are such little sweethearts and love! They have not even been here for a year yet, but they know this is their home and they love it just as much as we love having them!

2.  Vacation mode has almost entered my brain.  I only have 5 days left this week, then 2 days off, then 4 days of work, and then 5 days off for us to go on our 1 year Anniversary trip!  Then 2 days of work and then I get 2 days off! The next few weeks should be good and I should hopefully get some relaxation in!

3.  People who loose touch with each other have either very weird circumstances or no faith in that things will work out.  It’s great that there are people who help find you people who you lost.  However, sometimes its situations that you should never be found.  Some people leave your life for a reason and it should be left as that.

4. Facing Fears is something people should do on a more regular basis.  However, it takes a lot of guts and courage to do any of their fears.  I hate heights.  They drive me crazy.  For some reason I have crazily decided to go parasailing at either 450 or 600 feet. Uhm, that’s HIGH.  Very high.  That’s crazy.  I really hope i don’t freak out.  I can always close my eyes though!  We shall see how it goes.  Hopefully I will be okay.  It’s a fear and I will face it with my eyes open or closed!

5.  Why is it so hard to get into a regular exercise plan with my schedule? I was doing great for a couple weeks.  However, with the cold weather its awful to go running outside and inside I just want to cuddle with my adorable kittens or to clean the house instead of getting some exercise in.  Hopefully I can get in the habit again.  I think part of the problem is that even with all my exercise I just gained muscle mass so I didn’t drop any weight.  I suppose that’s part of the battle though of my own accord.  I’m not fat, I just want to get into better shape.  However, hopefully I can get back on the saddle of the exercise horse and I can start seeing some results.

That’s all for today.  Let’s see what happens…


One Response to “5 random Friday Thoughts…”

  1. set2music February 19, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    Where are you going on your trip?

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