getting warmer…

16 Feb

Florida has been freezing or just way too cold for too long of a period of time.  I’m glad that we are sloooowly starting to warm up. It’s not fast enough though!  It’s been close to freezing for weeks with every so often going to get to decent Florida Winter weather, but apparently it needs to be cooler… or that’s what the weather things.  Let’s at least get to average, ya know?

Anyway, my amazing husband spent most of his weekend cleaning.  So I am going to spend mine relaxing, cleaning up a bit more, and making Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup from Epcot!  I’m super excited to be trying a new recipe.  Hopefully it will work out.  I can make potato soup, but I’m nervous about trying something new.  I am sure it will turn out though!  That reminds me… I  have to double check that we have all of the ingredients.

Well let’s see… not much else.  I am sure I have more things to ponder and I am sure that I have more to blog about, but my mind is blank.  I am going to try to take a nap today.   That way I have more energy for when the husband gets home later!

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