No Forced Love…

13 Feb

Each year on Valentine’s Day I always get semi-bitter.  Not because I don’t have anyone, because I have the BEST husband ever. I love him, and he does so much for me and I really appreciate it.  He’s amazing and I couldn’t ask for anything better. It’s amazing that I found someone that special and that right for me.

However, I just never celebrate it. It used to be I was always working, so I didn’t care.  I wanted to not celebrate.   Too much work and being in the Floral business, you don’t want to celebrate a lot.  However, now I don’t work in the floral department anymore.  I work at Disney.  However, I still don’t want to celebrate.  Some year, I would LOVE to go out to someplace and do flowers and the whole pizazz.  However, I never can justify sending the money on it!  I think its a crazy holiday that force people to propose or show their love in ways that they don’t need to. Why not do it on other days of the year?  Why always force it on one day out of the year?  If you really love someone and want to celebrate and you can spend the money, that’s fine.  Go for it, but don’t go over the top.  Its cheesy, not romantic.


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