5 Feb

So for the next few weeks on Fridays, the husband and I have opposite schedules and it has become my least favorite day.  Why? Well, he opens or works until about 3:45 I believe.   I go into work at 4:15pm…. I just don’t like not seeing him! I might be picky, but I enjoy SOME form of contact with my husband in the day.  He said good-bye to me this morning when I was sleeping, and I will say Hi to him when I get home tonight and he is sleeping!

Ah well. I understand it won’t be like this forever, I just have to tough it out for the next few weeks. That’s possible, right?  Being a tough cookie?   And I have to not be so whiney. I hate it when people complain.  So I’m done. I vented, and now I’m done.

Let’s hope.


One Response to “Fridays…”

  1. set2music February 9, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    ugh, i know the feeling. i despise my days off (hello, i have a three day weekend in the middle of the week?) because hubs is at work, then his weekends, im not around…then on the days were both working, my sched could be a mid, close or open..blah! =P

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