Surprise Staycation

2 Feb

Well,  I have been very blessed.  I am always thankful for everything I get, but sometimes I feel like I am too blessed or too lucky, whatever you may call it.  Our Surprise Staycation started last Wednesday, when I got a text from my Dad asking if I was off this coming weekend, and to give him a call when I can.   I figured I’d have to go home for some reason… someone died, etc.  However, I was surprised that it was someone being SUPER generous who didn’t have to be.

Family friends had DVC points they had to use up.  They were going to expire that weekend.  Did we want to stay on Disney property for free?

Yes Please!!!!

And so started our Staycation… we ended up spending 3 nights in a 2-bedroom villa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.  Our room was magical!  I was super surprised to have three nights, we were expecting just one!  We checked into our room Thursday afternoon after Ryan picked me up from work! We were in room 7227.  We were the only one in our building, which was a little weird, but we definitely had some peace and quiet!  Our room was gorgeous and I loved being able to have a mini staycation and realize how lucky we were!

Master Suite in 2 bedroom Villa @ Saratoga Springs

Our room was gorgeous and we definitely had fun!  We spent our first night there ordering pizza from room service. Expensive, but worth it, as it was pretty good pizza!  It was nice to stretch out in a king-size bed for a few nights.  However, I definitely missed the kittens!  We spent all three nights there, relaxing, taking advantage of the Fitness Center, and enjoying our room.  We had many marvelous breakfasts at Artist’s Pallet. We spent our other dinners either out or cooking in our room.  One of the most amusing memories was our dinner at the Turf Club at Saratoga Springs! We had a mouse visit our table and run around it.  I’m sure it was entertaining for everyone to see!

Anyway, our staycation was the last weekend that Ryan and I have together for awhile now that our days off have swapped.  It will only be for a month or two, and it probably won’t be the last time we don’t have days off together, but I do miss my husband.  However, we were blessed in a way that we didn’t even know it was possible, and now we definitely have the “DVC-bug” and hope to purchase it sometime over the next few years!  I can’t believe we were that lucky.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Random "Fun" at Disney Quest

One other part of our weekend was time at DisneyQuest.  Uhm, wow. Let me just say I’m glad that it was free?  I would have been upset had we paid to go there.  The best part of it was probably the pirate thing and wearing those goofy glasses.  Who knew that I was so good at driving a ship!  At least it killed a few hours and we had a lot of fun!  And I’m glad Glenn could join us.  Let’s not go back for a couple years, okay?

Well, not that the staycation is over, its back to the real world of work, cleaning, cuddling with the kittens, and having fun!! Life can’t be that bad even if I don’t get to see my husband much. We will survive and be stronger!  After all, we are living happily ever after, while being madly in love!

Aren't we adorable?


6 Responses to “Surprise Staycation”

  1. Hope February 2, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    What a sweet surprise and how perfect since it’s almost going to be your one year anniversary! And yes, you guys are adorable. 🙂

  2. faithtrustnpixiedust February 2, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    Thanks Hope!! 🙂 We had fun!

  3. set2music February 2, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    so glad you had so much fun! i love your pics; especially the crazy goggles!

    we just joined DVC in december and i am looking forward to staying in those gorgeous resorts =)

  4. Amanda February 3, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    How awesome!! I particularly didn’t like SSR…but I do love Disney Quest!! So sad you didn’t like it!! Cute pics btw 🙂

    • faithtrustnpixiedust February 3, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

      Thanks! 🙂 We had fun, but its not something we really enjoyed. Maybe in a few years!

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