saving money shockers…

22 Jan

We went to our favorite (that we visited) FL dealership today.  We wanted to see an estimate for Ryan’s car and see what type of deal we could get.  Well we aren’t getting much for his sad Caviler… as it has a dent in its back bumper and only 1 new tire, and 3 bad ones!

However, we ended up ordering Ryan’s new car!


Chevrolet Cobalt 2010 2LT in Victory Red

His is a four door… but that’s the color!  I’m so happy for him! He was giddy for the rest of the day before he went to go close EMH tonight.  He didn’t really mind going for work, as it is money for his car!    His also has a sunroof or will. They didn’t have one in stock so we ordered one! It should be here in 6-10 weeks.  So we have that long to save up for some amazing car payments!

I did love our time at the dealer because they asked why his car had a dent in the back bumper… and we both enjoyed telling the dealer that it was from his ex-wife.  I would feel sooooo BAD if I ever dented Ryan’s car, so I don’t really understand why she never paid to get it fixed.   Well, I suppose there’s always a reason why someone is an ex!  Anyway, the dealer just goes, “your too young to have an ex wife!”  Shock #1 of the day, Dealer man.

Shock #2 was him getting financing information from us.  He asked us how much we would be putting down on the car.  We told him the said amount and he had a look of total shock on his face!  Apparently I am a money saving freak and I just pack money away.  I always have.  I’ve been spending a bit more lately, but I have DEFINITELY been packing a lot away.  I still don’t feel like we have enough.  However, I do understand that there are some things in life that we need so that’s why we’re spending it!

Anyway, while I was there I fell in love with a color car. As I pick ALL my cars based on color.  (Hee! I’m such a girl!) And anyway, I fell in love with the 2010 Corvette in jetstream blue.

a girl can dream, right?

Well speaking on money saving, I think I am going to go order my new swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret if they are online already… and possibly use my VS credit card there! I have to use up those coupons as they are only good for the first 6 months.


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  1. set2music January 25, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    how exciting! =)

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