21 Jan

Time has just been flying by.  I can’t believe I’ve been married almost a year.  More than that 2010 seems to be flying by to me!! Already we are almost at the end of January and a WHOLE month will have gone by! That’s just crazy!!!

I guess time is flying as I have been really enjoying myself lately and it tends to when that happens.  Hubby and I are planning on buying him a new car.  We are going tomorrow for more definite pricing and to try and figure out for sure where to get it!  He’s super excited and I love just doing little things to make him smile.  I guess that’s why I married him. I love making him happy!

This weekend and next are our last two weekends off together.  I will then switch back to my mid-week days off, and he will go to sun/mon for about 2-3 months until we bid again.  Part of me is a tiny bit worried.  Lack of time will definitely cause some stress at home, but we will figure it out.   It will definitely help us save up money for the car over the next few months. I am going to try and pick up some extra shifts also. So hopefully some nice overtime will be had by us!  To pay off the car and continue to save up for a house (and some of the MANY vacations we want to go on!)

Also at least we have three adorable kittens at home.  They will benefit from our opposite schedules and they will love having us, so its worth it for them.  Although I don’t want to do it forever, it is definitely worth it for the little angels!

I’m sure I will have a more profound blog sometime soon.  I mean, I will have plenty of free time on my hands! But until then, this will have to do! I want to go crash with the kittens for a bit and play with Wii Fit Plus which I just purchased!


One Response to “Time…”

  1. Christy January 21, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    I adore the wii fit! we got it for my dad for Christmas, and it actually is so much fun!

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