Starting out the year…

16 Jan

So many changes so far this year!  Well not big changes, just plans for the future!  I applied for my pass port, and Ryan lost his it appears *scratches head* hopefully we will find it soon, but hopefully a cruise is in our future!

We have also been car shopping for the husband. We are probably going to end up getting him a 2010 Chevy Cobalt!  Yay for husband’s new car! Of course insurance will go up and we will be adding some car payments.  However, it’s okay.  We will make things work out, and I am super excited every single time I see the smile on his face that he is getting a new car soon.  We are actually going to be ordering it, it seems.  As they do not have what he wants.  However, I am sure I will post photos once we get that taken care of.

Soon Ryan’s and Mine’s days off are changing… to what I originally bid which was tuesday/wednesday off.  And the husband falls into the new status-line bid which is sunday/monday off.  So expect me to blog some more on his days off!

I had much more profound things to write of course when I didn’t get the opportunity to write.  However, I figured I would add a tiny update to this!  Life is going great so far, and the optimistic person in me is loving it! Even when the glass is half empty. I mean, half full!

Check out the page I added for our kittens at the top! Yay for getting this into shape!


2 Responses to “Starting out the year…”

  1. Jo January 16, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

    Yay for kitties! There was a super cute one playing with my purse at the vet clinic I applied at. BTW, I put you down as a reference (and for some reason used your maiden name), but I don’t expect to get the job so I doubt you’ll be getting a call. 😛

    I watched a special on Disney cruises the other day because I was bored. So now I wanna go on a cruise. But first I have to rob a bank. Hope you guys get to go on one soon and have a blast!

    And I’m super stoked life is going good for you. Stay optimistic and enjoy it all. 😀

    • faithtrustnpixiedust January 17, 2010 at 8:35 am #

      Aww! That’s okay, I’ll answer to either name.

      🙂 Yeah I’m happy, so let’s hope it stays? lol.

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