life as of lately

17 Dec

Lately my life has been crazy busy.  My parents came down for our first annual “let’s celebrate Christmas in the middle of December because we will never get to celebrate Christmas on Christmas anymore for years and years to come.”  It was a lot of fun.   We went to a lot of great places like Mickey’s Very Merry and had tons of fun!

We had so much fun and were very fortunate to celebrate with my parents.  They loved their scrapbook.  We also ended up getting a family bible and a statue of Mickey Mouse for christmas that was semi-sorcerer mickey.  They were pretty good gifts!

We also got the luxury of eating out for awhile.  This always spoils us because we get used to it, and we do not have the money to do this often, so we normally end up cooking at home as we are saving up for our happily-ever-after dream home!  And a new car for the husband.  However, it was really nice to eat out for awhile!    We tried BJ’s Brewhouse… which btw, was AMAZING!!! We loved it! It was definitely one of the best meals we’ve had in awhile in a new place.

Now we are back to our lives of working (which was happening while my parents were here) and it seems like the week just flew past! There are so many things we didn’t get to do.  However, it is nice to get back to our normalcy of just me and Ryan… and the kittens! Although the kittens were spoiled having so many people here to pet them!

I do love this time of year. Even if its harder for me to get into the Christmas spirit because we don’t entirely have a pattern here yet, I love our tradition of going to Checkers on Christmas Eve for fast food! We will definitely be doing that this year.  We also somehow have the privilege of right now having the 25th of December off!  We may stay home and sleep… part of me feelings like driving to a beach and randomly spending a few hours there… we will have to figure out what we end up doing if we do end up with the day off and don’t pick up shifts.  Possibly a stereotypical beach Christmas in Florida? Who knows?

Also I am starting to get excited for next year.  The purchase of a brand new car for the husband!!!  The possibility of a house (even though it will probably be 2011 with our savings!), just all the possibilities of a new year.  I am truly blessed that I still love my husband so incredibly much and I love him more and more each day, even when I don’t think that’s possible.   I still have the same crazy falling-head-over-heels in love with my amazing husband.  I am lucky to have him and that amazing feeling. I’m glad that after two years of being together and coming up on a year of marriage, I still have that feeling. It’s never left me!

Tomorrow I have a day off with Ryan and we are going to Moe’s to get lunch and a christmas gift for my brother.  Then we are probably going to go see “Princess and the Frog”… although I do want to go see
“Did you Hear What Happened to the Morgans?”  I am intrigued to see Princess, but I think my husband is way more excited than myself! I’m excited for the buttery popcorn and movie-food (like that will help my new get-in-shape goal).  Maybe we can go see another movie next week? Which is highly unlikely for us, but its a goal.

Well, I have a purring kitten on my lap looking for cuddles and am super  sleep deprived from my day yesterday… so I think it is time for me to head for a nap!  A wonderful sleep… after I grab some dinner I believe.


One Response to “life as of lately”

  1. set2music December 30, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    we love bj’s restaurant, too! the avocado eggrolls, the pizza, potato wedges….mmmmm. def not the healthiest, but definitely yumm-o.

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