Nine months and counting going strong…

3 Dec

It’s amazing how much in our life we are wanted to believe in the “Happily Ever After.”  The fairytale that is drilled into ones life from the time you are a child.  We watch Disney movies where the girl always finds the prince of her dreams and nothing too horrible ever happens except for Evil Stepmothers or Stepsisters crazed over jealousy.

In life, Happily Ever After is a bit harder to find.  Speaking from experience, you find it when you least expect it.  You find it in a way that is unimaginable to you.  You find it when you aren’t even looking for it.

I have mine.

It isn’t perfect.  There are trials and tribulations along the way, but mostly none of that bothers me.  We are happy in our own perfect way.  Each person’s happily ever after is different.  Some may choose to get married, some may just date, some may not keep their happily ever after forever.  Some I believe miss over it, afraid to go after what their heart really wants because often the brain overpowers the passion of the heart and soul.

So here’s my happily ever after…

We got married on 3-3-09. I love the way that sounds. It has just a ring to it.  A type of possession in my opinion.  It was one of the most cold experiences I ever had. Of course, in Florida that day, it was about 28 degrees with the windchill.  It was freezing for our photos and ceremony. My veil was a pain in the ass.  I STILL wish I would have not had a veil.  Keep the tiara though. Well, maybe the veil wasn’t that bad. It was freezing, yet perfect.

Today, nine months later, I am happier than I thought I could ever be. I don’t think its possible to get happier.  I’m sure that’s just a way of life.  Of course we’ve had our disagreements.  We’ve had a few fights, but looking back, I don’t really consider them fights.  We disagree a lot, duke it out with words, and then one of us either wins, the other gives in, or we compromise.  Even the “fights” I’ve had, I don’t consider I lost, because I still have the greatest gift of all: my husband!

He’s funny, smart, and even though he can be a bit whiny at times. Well not whiny, just lets his feelings out too much at always not the appropriate time, he’s mine.  In his own crazy, goofy, sexy way.  He’s mine, and I love him for that.

I always thought that marriage would be more work, and its hard, its tough at times. It’s a change of lifestyle from the money aspect and living, but it’s not that hard I feel. Sure there are many trials and tribulations.  However, I feel because of our history and what we’ve gone through, we can do anything. We can go through anything because we will be together.

So what does one do to celebrate nine months of marriage? (because everything can be celebrated) (and this is the year of what will you celebrate)

Cook their husband a surprise dinner after a day of work.

Dinner consists of:

  • Tilapia stuffed with crab meat
  • Honey glazed carrots
  • scalloped potatos (from the 3 HUGE bags of potato on my counters)
  • warm oven-baked rolls
  • Dragon Berry Pina Coladas

S0unds! yummy to me!

And then curl up and see where the night takes us!

Sure, why not?

Right, like we would ever do THAT on a beach?


Happy Nine Months of Marriage to my amazing husband, Ryan! I can’t believe it’s almost a year. The times is flying by!!! Soon before we know it, we will have to look back at the beginning of our Happily Ever After. I’m so happy I found you baby! Here is to many many more years, weeks, days, and months of our Happily Ever After.


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