Christmas time is drawing near…

1 Dec

Why does it that this time each year always sneaks up on me? It seems like forever and a day away so far from now.  However, now I am scrambling to get things done.  My brilliant idea (and Ryan and Glenn know some of my/our brilliant ideas) was to make scrapbooks for all the parents for Christmas of wedding photos.  Great, sentimental idea right?  Right.  Over $300 bucks later to make 4 scrapbooks (1 for us to keep, 1 for his mom, 1 for his dad, 1 for my parents), and I’m thinking that it might have been cheaper to not be so sweet.

Now I know that they will love them, and it’s been a great experience with Ryan who is more than willing to help.  I make a page, and my amazing husband duplicates it.  His are much more amazing then mine would ever be after duplicating the page four times.  I love the bonding and that he’s so willing to help, so that it really WILL be from both of us.  That’s amazing, but the cost of the ink, paper (thank GOD I got a photo printer last year for Christmas), scrapbooky stuff, it’s expensive, and I will be glad when they are done.

However, we started them in March, procrastinated way too much along the way, and then here we are, December 1st, and at LEAST we are up to the Wisconsin Wedding Reception.  We are ALMOST done.  However, the time, effort, and cash put into them, will hopefully be valued and remembered!

Ryan decorated the outside of the house for Christmas.  We’ve been working opposite a bit so that works well for us getting more done around the house, but not so good for seeing each other.  The lights look great, and I love how much my amazing husband gets into decorating each year.  Again, thats more money spent on new strands of lights (we had to add more than last year) and an outside extension chord as the pessimistic person in me didn’t want to burn the house down by using an indoor one!

Christmas, Holiday Season, the time of emptying bank accounts on gifts, wishes for all, and time for family.  This will be the 3rd Christmas Ryan and I have spent together.  We will get Checkers on Christmas Eve (tradition!) and probably work, not celebrate too much, but it will be our first as Husband and Wife.  Hopefully we will come up with some sort of wonderful tradition to add to our many.

My parents are coming down next week to celebrate an early Christmas. One year, I would love to get back to Wisconsin as I do miss the Christmas celebrations there.  I remember all too well the year I knew that would be my last one.  I remember knowing it would be my last year.

Other than the scrapbooks, I have not even started Christmas shopping this year.  We are trying to be generous on our tight cash inflow,  and still save up money for Ryan’s new car that will be purchased in January of next year hopefully!

Now I feel like I’m rambling as I continue to scan in photos for the scrapbooks so I will end this.  Hopefully a more insightful entry soon!


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