Beer Battered Fish…

22 Mar

I love Fish & Chips as does my husband.  In all of our cooking lately, we decided to make our own Beer Battered Fish.  This recipe that I found on is delicious and easy to make!


2 quarts vegetable oil (for frying)
8 (4 ounce) cod fish fillets
salt and pepper
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons paprika
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons ground black pepper
1 egg, beaten
1 (12 ounce) bottle beer


1 Heat oil in a deep fryer to 365 degrees F (185 degrees C).
2 Rinse fish, pat dry, and season with salt and pepper.
3 Combine flour, garlic powder, paprika, 2 teaspoons salt, and 2 teaspoons pepper. Stir egg into dry ingredients.
4 Gradually mix in one beer until a thin batter is formed.
5 You should be able to see the fish through the batter after it has been dipped.
6 Dip fish fillets into the batter, then drop one at a time into hot oil.
7 Fry fish, turning once, until both sides are golden brown.
8 Drain on paper towels, and serve warm.

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Growing Up and Loving It…

2 Mar

I was thinking the other day how old I was.  First off, I had to stop and think about that and calculate it.  You don’t tell your age as often as you do when you are little, so you don’t really know – or at least that’s my excuse for forgetting!

However, I was just thinking how amazing it is that we’ve owned our house for a few years. The first few months were scary – Can I make it? Did I remember to pay all the bills? Am I forgetting something? All doubts I had.  Thanks to my amazing husband, we were able to make it through and find ways to not only enjoy our life but to prosper.

(source: click photo)

It is amazing to feel less scared. Growing up is scary. You lose friends. You make new ones.  You start doing things you only saw your parents doing and never imagined doing yourself.  You make life choices to take your life in different directions.  You have no one to blame, but yourself.  Happiness is what you make of it.  It is all pretty fantastic.  I am blessed.  There are always bumps in the road.  There are always moments of sadness, but you learn how to be strong and who you really are.

However, I also know life is too short to not treasure it, so I am treasuring it.  This year I tried to run a marathon.  I didn’t finish, but I tried and that’s pretty amazing.  I went on a cruise so far and it’s only February.  That’s a pretty awesome year so far.  I have a half marathon with a friend coming up, trips to visit home, our five year wedding anniversary and lots of home improvement and other excitement hopefully heading our way!

I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s not always easy, but I’ve found my footing and thanks to an amazing support system and the love of my husband, I am happy. That is the greatest accomplishment I could ever discovered.

(source: click photo)

There are responsibilities – bills to pay, tough discussions, and choices. However, it’s not all that bad.  A lot of it is actually pretty amazing.  I am blessed and can’t wait to see what the next 60, 70, 80, or 90 years bring!

Castaway Cay 5k Update…

16 Feb

Recently, I went on another Disney cruise.  This time on the Disney Magic! There will be blogs coming about that, however, I ran the Castaway Cay 5k for the second time during this trip!

In the first one, I ran with my husband and my parents and we had tons of fun.  This one, I ran by myself while they ate breakfast.  Why did I decide to run it again? Well, I did want to get in some training runs as it was between two of my races.  However, I also wanted the medal. (As cheesy as it sounds, yes I did!)  The last time they were out of medals, so I wanted one.

It was the same course, so nothing new there.  I do feel it was just as hot as October when I ran it last! Not what I was expecting for January.  This time we waited at the start line for awhile while we were waiting for someone else to join us.  I definitely ran more this time – probably because I was in better shape than I was the last time I ran it.

I love how you are the first Guests off the boat!  We were leaving as they were announcing that you could get off the ship.  We wandered the way up to the start line and after the wait took off.  I started off a bit fast just to get away from about the 70 or so other people running.  I wanted to break off a bit, and I didn’t mind if people passed me.  I also forgot my inhaler and hadn’t used it yet that day, so I was going to listen to my lungs and go slow.

So I ran.  It was hot so I had to refill my water once on the loop back. It’s an easy course, you run up to the air strip, around the loop to the look out tower, up the air strip the rest of the way, back down to the look-out loop again, and then back to the start line.  I chatted with a few people along my way and really just had a good time.  It was hot so I was happy when I was done and I even set a record for that specific 5k.  This time I finished in just under 35 minutes!  Definitely not as slow as I expected, but I am super proud of it anyway!


Did it!


Kew Gardens…

12 Feb

On our last day in London, we swapped hotels to stay at the Hilton right by Heathrow Airport.  We had an early flight out, so we figured this way we wouldn’t have to worry about the tube or transport to the airport.  We wandered around Hyde Park once more in the morning taking in the sites, and then we took the tub mid afternoon (For the record, loved the Jubilee line, it just always sounded so happy!) to our new hotel.  We were given a room right away as soon as we arrived, so we dropped our luggage and then decided to go to Kew Gardens.

Our last day of vacation, we never plan anything.  It is used as a catch-up day in case we missed something we really want to see.  On this trip, we managed to get everything done so it was on the list of ‘maybes’ and I am very glad we had the chance to go!

Kew Gardens!

Kew Gardens!

It is a beautiful botanical gardens that is slightly outside of London.  We definitely agreed we might want to spend a whole day there next time we go to London. We got there mid afternoon and only had a few hours before we had to leave.  So we went through it rather quickly, not stopping to enjoy, but instead taking in as much as we could!

It was gorgeous scenery which caused me to set up the camera for a few self shots.

This is probably my favorite!

This is probably my favorite!

My poor husband didn’t complain once to all the photos I took of him during vacation. He just lined up, let me set the timer and then let me run to go join him.  It was gorgeous seeing all the fall weather, the changing leaves, and just a touch of not what we normally see in Florida.

It had a little cafe where we got lunch and a huge gift shop. I wish we would have had more room in our luggage to bring more home, but at that point we were already packed and I knew mostly out of room.  However, it was definitely a great last day and just amazing to see all the greenhouses and architecture – definitely different from the Museums and historical buildings we were visiting all the other days of our trip.

a Japanese pagoda!

a Japanese pagoda!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to do something a bit outside of London – and it was included in our London Pass!  It was just on the outskirts of a cute neighborhood a few blocks from the tube station, so easy to get to even if it is not in the heart of London.

Merry Berry Cookies…

11 Feb

This is one of the cookie recipes I made at Christmas that I’ve been wanting to post. I found it in JoAnn Fluke’s Lake Eden Cook book and I had to try it.


1 1/2 cups melted butter (3 sticks, 3/4 lb)
2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup melted melted raspberry jam (any jam) or 1/2 cup strawberry jam (any jam) or 1/2 cup blackberry jam (any jam)
2 beaten eggs
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
4 cups flour (pack it down in the cup don’t sift it)
1/3 cup granulated sugar, for later
1/3 cup jam, for later

1 Melt the butter in a large microwave safe bowl.
2 Add the sugar and mix thoroughly. Let the bowl sit on the counter while you do the next step.
3 Melt the jam in the microwave or in a saucepan over low heat. Once it’s the consistency of syrup, mix it in with the butter and sugar.
4 Add the eggs, baking soda, and salt, stirring after each addition.
5 Add the flour and mix thoroughly. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. (Overnight is even better.).
6 When your ready to bake, preheat the oven to 350 degrees, rack in the middle position.
7 Roll the chilled dough into small walnut-sized balls with your hands.
8 Put 1/3 cup sugar in a small bowl and roll the balls in it.
9 Place them on a greased standard-sized cookie sheet, 12 cookies per sheet.
10 Flatten the dough balls with a greased spatula.
11 Make a small indentation with your thumb or index finger in the center of each cookie. Fill the indentation with about 1/8 teaspoon of jam.
12 Bake the cookies for 10 to 12 minutes at 350 degrees.
13 Let them cool for minutes on the cookie sheet, and then transfer them to a wire rack to finish cooling.

Thanks to for already posting the recipe for me! Read more: <a href=””></a&gt;

Watch out though – the recipe makes 8-10 dozen cookies, so make sure you have someone to share these with!

Music Mondays…

10 Feb

London Ramblings…

9 Feb

I can’t believe it’s been over three months since we were in London!  I really can’t believe it. I also can’t believe how behind I am at blogging some memories!

Statue outside Buckingham Palace

Statue outside Buckingham Palace

We saw a lot – The British Museum, Victoria’s & Albert’s Museum, Science Museum, Churchill War Rooms, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and experienced some local culture at various pubs!  We bought the London Pass before we went that included travel.  That was definitely worth it as it was paid for in advance so the only thing we spent money on while we were there is food and souvenirs.  Definitely the way to go.  It was nice to not worry so much about spending money on all the different entrances to exhibits.  I used to find little cafes or pubs to eat it so we didn’t spend too much money on food and tried to stay away from the chain restaurants.

English Breakfast - what my husband had every day of our trip!

English Breakfast – what my husband had every day of our trip!

It was cheap and by reading the reviews, we didn’t really end up with any awful food.  Definitely worth it and caused us to not over spend!  I enjoyed the Churchill War Rooms a lot more then I thought I would, so I am super glad my husband insisted on going there.  I am also super proud that I climbed to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral! I don’t like heights, so it took some thinking on my part, but I made it to the top – about 1,000 steps up! (And why are their stairs so tiny? Why are their feet so small? My size 9 shoes didn’t fit on the majority of the stairs!)  I held on for dear life, but I am super glad that I made it to the top.  Definitely worth the adventure!

Big Ben!

Big Ben!

We were back to our hotel by 8-9 every night to play around on the internet, update our families, and just relax.  Most museums opened at 7 a.m or 8 a.m.  so we were up early to go and enjoy our time as we wanted to make sure we saw everything we wanted to!  Since we had such great luck picking our hotel, it is definitely a city we would want to visit again. Can’t wait to visit again!

Bangers and Mash!

Bangers and Mash!


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